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"I don't trust Sean, he is one of them" - Tracy Twyman

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”
Psalms 23:4

"Never was I given the peace to grieve our loss.. No Humanity" - Tracy Twyman's Widower

Why Steal from Tracy R. Twyman? Did "God" instruct the Religious Fanatics to Steal and Thieve from Tracy Twyman?

Tracy Twyman's Dagobert's Revenge Magazine Cover
Book cover front: Baphometic Excerpts and Other Articles

Baphometic Excerpts & Other Articles

Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • Year Zero, The Cubic Stone, The New Jerusalem, And The Pillars Of Heaven: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • Chess, Ageio And The Second Square: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • Alchemical Ageio Symbolism In Dali’s “Corpus Hypercubus”?
 • The Gospel According To Baphomet: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • The Apocalypse Of Baphomet: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • The Bread Of Heaven, The Water Of Life, And The Plant Of Immortality: Excerpts From Clock Shavings
 • The Scholomance And Fishing For Men: Excerpts From Clock Shavings And Regnum In Potentia
 • “I Reap All The Wealth”: The Hidden Magical Properties Of Chess
 • ‘Noah’ film review: Tubal-Cain almost ‘reaps all the wealth’
 • Beyonce Beyond Coincidence? A connection between “Fierce Queen B” and Baphomet’s “Ageio” game
 • The True Meaning Of ‘Clock Shavings': A Letter From A Reader
 • Q: Why Is My New Book Called Clock Shavings?
 • Questions For Tracy R. Twyman About Her Book Clock Shavings
 • Timeless Wisdom Of The Picatrix

Excerpt From Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled
 • Let The Heavens Fall: The Rites Of Destruction
 • The Real Meaning Of The Baptism Of Wisdom: Excerpt From Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled   • The Kaaba, The Dome Of The Rock And Solomon’s Temple In Masonic Templar Traditions
 • John, The Head Of Prophecy
 • John The Baptist As The Baphometic Wild Man
 • The Goat-Faced Wild Man
 • The Secret Templar Rule And The Book Of The Baptism Of Fire
 • Hermes, Sabians, And Islam. Traditions Of Hermes In Islamic And Pre-Islamic Sources
 • Cathars And Cat Worship
Mysterium Baphometis Articles
• Press Release: American Writers Find Alleged “Templar Artifacts” Relating To “Baphomet” Hiding In Plain Sight At British Museum
• Found Again: The “Templar Artifacts” Of Hammer-Purgstall
• The coffers in the catalogue of the British Museum
• A Letter To Jesse
• Hammer-Purgstall Video Script
• The Chinon Parchment And The Church Apologia On The Templars
• The Biscione, Baphomet, the Bitch-Goddess Success, and other Beasts: Documentary [Advertisement]
• The Biscione And The Mystery Of The Various Ottos–Sea Monsters, Templars, European Royalty & Scaligerian Chronology: Excerpts From Meet Mete [Reconstructed Article]
• Was Baphomet A Golem Animated By Sperm, Sigils, And Incantations?: Excerpts From Meet Mete [Reconstructed Article]
• The Alerion, The Fleur-De-Lys, The House Of Lorraine, The Evil Eye, And The Flying Penis God Who Spawned A Royal Race: Excerpts From Meet Mete [Reconstructed Article] 

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Book cover front:

Genuflect 2.0: Genuflect FAQ With Answers&Other Articles

• Genuflect FAQ With Answers
• Bloomberg, Musk, and Mithras: Billionaires busting the Matrix
• Rebirth of Metis: The Meaning of “Dear Prudence”
• Templars, Cybele, Mithras, alchemy, William Blake, Michael Bloomberg, and the City of London
• The Conquering of the Sun rite: Birth of a New Aeon
• The meaning of “taking a knee”: Hiram Abiff & Sept 23
• Black Lives Matter, Freemasons, and the Widow’s Son
• Surrealism and Sinister Cults
• Rothschild Shield and the Superman Diamond
• Tammuz, Isis and the River Thames (excerpt from Genuflect)
• The London Stone and the Sword of Excalibur
• Royal Arch (part 2) [Supplemental]
• The Stars In Freemasonry [Supplemental]

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Book cover front:  The Black Mass Articles

The Black Mass Articles

  • The Origin of Sado-Masochism in The Black Mass and Witch’s Sabbath
  • Is The Black Mass a Christian Rite?
  • The Real Meaning of the Baptism of Wisdom: Excerpt From Baphomet: the Temple Mystery Unveiled
  • Surrealism and Sinister Cults
  • The Origin of the Word “mass”
  • Cathars and Cat Worship

 • Old Silent Porn Film About the Black Mass Remixed With 1970s Horror Film the Pyx [NSFW]
 • Don’t Deliver Us From Evil — Another Great Black Mass Movie
 • Loser Makes Good in Satanic Cult — “Satan’s Children” From 1975
 • Templars of Terror: Crusading Knights in Old Horror Movies
 • The Meaning of “Noon Blue Apples”: The “One-Day Grapes” of Dionysus
 • Grammys & Superbowl 1/2 Time: Two Sex Magick Rituals That Go Together
 • Necro-Nuptials: The Myth of the Virgin Queen/corpse Bride Embedded in the Royal Wedding
 • Prince William Marked for Death With Ominous Sacrificial Beltane Cake
 • The Biological Basis of Elitism and “Divine Right” Rule
 • Fields of the Nephilim
 • Starfire Bloodfests
 • Monatomic Gold: The Substitute
 • Sympathy for the Devil
 • Every Elf For Himself
 • Satan Tells Dr. Who He Came From Before Time Itself
 • Crazy Rituals With Masks in Music Videos

  • Hocus Pocus: The Magical Power of St. Peter

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Book cover front:  Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms and Other Articles

Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms and Other Articles

Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms and Other Articles
 • The Invisible Mountain: Is It Real?
 • Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms for the Elite: Daumal’s Mt. Analogue, Disney’s Plus Ultra Tomorrowland, and Ayn Rand’s Atlantis
 • the Invisible Mountain and the Flat Earth
 • Rem. The Fake Moon, and the Flat Earth
 • Mont St. Michel, the Supertide, and the Underground Sanctuary of the Dragon
 • It’s John Dee’s World, We Just Live in It
 • Into the Gap by the Thompson Twins: a Song About the Pole Beyond the Poles
 • Let the Heavens Fall: the Rites of Destruction
 • the Crucified Serpent and the Book of Nabathean Agriculture
 • Star-bathing, Alchemy, and the Cold Light of the Moon
 • Hermes, Sabians, and Islam. Traditions of Hermes in Islamic and Pre-islamic Sources
 • Film as Myth • the Golden Compass (2007)
 • The Us Dollar, Freemasonry, and Solomon’s Temple: Amazing New Discoveries
 • The Flowering Tomb: a Massive Hidden Structure Beneath Rennes-le-chateau
 • Sleeping Beauty and the Sacred Mountain: House of God, Gateway to Heaven
 • Le Serpent Rouge Interpreted
 • The Latest Episode of the X-files Was About Nicholas De Vere
 • Symbolism in Atlas Shrugged [transcript] • From Twin Peaks to Mandalay Bay
 • July 8th 1822

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Book cover front:  Early Interviews of Tracy R. Twyman

Early Interviews of Tracy R. Twyman

• Geometric Revelations: An Interview with Henry Lincoln
• Interview with Guy Patton, Co-Author of “Web of Gold: The Secret Power of a Sacred Treasure”
• An Interview with Sir Scott Stewart, American Ambassador of the Royal House of Stewart
• An Interview with Prince Michael Stewart of Albany, Head of the Royal House of Stewart
• Boyd Rice, Lord and Conqueror
• My Kingdom is Not of This World: An Interview with Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg
• Peter Levenda and the Magickal Roots of Nazism

• The Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery: A recent interview with Tracy Twyman for the Occulture Festival
• Tracy R. Twyman Interviewed About Rennes-le-Chateau, the Merovingians, and the Priory of Sion
• Interview Tracy R. Twyman Interviewed About Freemasonry and the Alchemical Secrets of Money   

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