Herring-Groseclose Funeral Home

Ryan Anselmo Bosse

( September 26, 1977 - June 5, 2014 )

On June 5, 2014, Ryan Anselmo Bosse died of a pulmonary embolism. He was 36.

Whenever anyone dies they leave empty spaces – in the hearts of their friends, in the lives of their families, in the social fabric of their communities, in the places they frequented. Ryan Bosse left a lot of empty spaces.

When Ryan married Alicia “Lee” Taylor in September of 2006, everyone who loved the two of them knew that theirs was a perfect match. Ryan was Lee’s best friend, lover, savior, and life partner . . . just as she was his.

Ryan believed in family, and he believed that in addition to our biological family, we have a “logical” family as well. Although close to the biological members of his family, he drew many other people to him and formed his own “logical” family, ultimately blending the two. Corinna is Ryan’s biological sister, but he also had sisters Jenni, Coree, and Bailey, who were very important to him. His best friends Peter, Tsosie and James were his brothers. This is Ryan’s mother writing, and although I only gave birth to Ryan and Corinna, I have many others who call me “Mom” because of Ryan.

Ryan’s friendships were as diverse as his interests, and helped shape him as a person. These friendships were the result of the interest, compassion, and kindness he showed toward everyone with whom he came into contact.

Bailey said in a Facebook post: “He helped shape me into the person I am today. Ryan was one of the most selfless, compassionate, loving, intelligent, and moral people I have ever known. He had a way of gathering people and bringing us all together to create some of the best memories of my life.”

Peter shared: “We ran together as kids, became men in each other’s confidence, and lived lives informed by how the other one saw the world. You were my best friend, my closest friend, and a brother to me.”

During a candlelight vigil at WWCC, some of his instructors spoke about what a remarkable student he was. Finally going back to school inspired him. He took great pleasure in meeting the challenges of an academic environment, always with an eye to the possibilities those challenges brought for his future.

Ryan was born in Moscow, Idaho, on September 26, 1977, to Carol Anselmo and Michael Bosse. He is survived by his wife Lee, parents Carol and Michael, sister Corinna, several aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., as well as the many members of his “logical family,” including Jenni, Coree, Bailey, Peter, Allie, James, Tsosie, Curt, the Mom’s Committee, Kathy, Nathan, Carl, Paula, Red, Richelle and many others. He was preceded in death by grandparents Frank and Avis Anselmo and Richard and Marty Bosse.

There will be a Celebration of Life picnic on the afternoon of Saturday, June 21st, at
four o’clock. Please join us on the lawn of 1224 E. Sumach between the Little Theatre and the Henry Pope House. Please bring your memories and pictures to share. Memorial contributions may be made to the Ryan Anselmo Bosse Memorial Fund through the Herring Funeral Home, 315 W. Alder, Walla Walla, WA.